Friday, March 21, 2008

Richardson called "big endorsement" now donate...

I do have to give the Obama campaign credit for one thing, they've become even more persistent with their fundraising emails than the Clinton campaign ever was. Take today's as an example:

Dear Lisa,

This morning Governor Bill Richardson endorsed Barack Obama's candidacy for president.

Governor Richardson called for a new generation of leadership that would bring us together here at home and strengthen our relationships with our allies abroad.

He praised Barack's speech on race in America this week as an example of courageous, thoughtful, and inspiring leadership. He thanked Barack for speaking to us as adults, and reminding us that cynicism is not realism, and that hope is not folly.

Governor Richardson also said Barack would be an outstanding Commander-in-Chief. He recognized Barack's opposition to the Iraq war before it began, and emphasized the need for a President that understands the national security challenges facing America.

Watch the video of Bill Richardson and Barack Obama, and make a donation of $25 today.

I'm disappointed in Bill Richardson who ironically contacted me not to long ago to ask for help to retire his campaign debt. So it's interesting that given he still needs money his name is being used to help Obama raise money...

Hispanics are not supporting Obama in large numbers and in talking to relatives who live in Puerto Rico, Latino's are not any more enamored of Obama, it sounds like Clinton Country down there...

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