Saturday, February 23, 2008

Toledo Presidential updates/experiences...

As promised, an update on some of the local coverage of the Presidential candidates visiting the Toledo area. I did not get a chance to attend John McCain's appearance but thanks to the wonders of our local blogosphere, another local blogger, Joshua, did with his post Drinking some coffee with Senator John McCain a recommended visit.

I was able to get into the Senator Hillary Clinton rally here last night in Toledo and I have the full details of that experience as well as links to local media coverage on Glass City Jungle in a post titled, It was Clinton Country in Toledo last night. There are also links to photos taken by my oldest daughter who accompanied me.

Tomorrow is the Obama rally, which we will again head out early, probably wait in line for at least two hours outside and hopefully get into that event as well. My youngest daughter has changed her support from Hillary to Barack (though she's 13 and can't vote) so I promised I would try to get her in to the event and to be honest, I'm curious as to comparing what I experienced last night at a Clinton Rally will be in contrast to an Obama rally.


Aaron said...

Very exciting to have all three visiting the glass city. Quite appropriate ratio to have 2 dems and 1 publican for the area don't you think? Also, does team A or B support one candidate or the other!? Thanks for the coverage Lisa.

Lisa Renee said...

Hi Aaron! Surprisingly even the A Team and B Team is split, there are some A teamers for Clinton and some B Teamers for Obama and vice versa. While the Teamsters endorsed Obama there are quite a few Teamsters in the area who are not supporting that endorsement.

On the 2/1 ratio? It is an ironic appropriate moment given our area.