Saturday, February 23, 2008

I don't support people just because they are black

Interesting quote from the CNN article, Obama takes heat for skipping State of the Black Union:

"I don't support people just because they are black," said Democratic state Rep. Juan LaFonta.

"I support people because they are qualified and committed to issues that affect my constituent base."

LaFonta appears to be a Clinton supporter.

The Delegate drama is also interesting...There are currently 4,049 total delegates to the Democratic National Convention, including 3,253 pledged delegates and 796 super delegates. Obama has 1,319 total - Hillary has total 1,250, it's where the breakdown comes that it gets interesting:

Obama has 1,158 pledged delegates and 161 super delegates
Clinton has 1,106 pledged delegates and 234 super delegates

Which means 989 pledged delegates are left and 401 super delegates are left.

Obama needs 867 pledged delegates or a combination of the 401 super delegates left to get to the 2,025 magic number - Clinton needs 919 pledged delegates or a combination of the 401 super delegates. Even if Clinton were not to win Ohio and/or Texas but if it was close the 141 Ohio Delegates and the 193 Texas Delegates will be split on a percentage. Ironically Puerto Rico could become "the place" since it appears all 63 of their delegates are going to go to the winner. Interesting that a territory rather than a state could be that large of an influence.

Good website if you want to track delegate numbers, is on wiki

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