Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama campaign, "Drive to the lowest common denominator"

It's getting harder and harder to see what people are seeing in Barack Obama after reading Taylor Marsh and Paul Krugman.

What really struck me:

On the call was former John Edwards adviser on health care, Peter Harbage. He is not joining the campaign, and he had not talked to Edwards about being part of the call. However, he believed the Obama campaign mailer "drives to the lowest common denominator." The experts on the call accused Obama of trying to "demonize" Hillary Clinton.

Take that with the previously learned information that Obama will do whatever it takes to win as evidenced in his early Chicago campaigning and when do the warning bells start going off for people? I'm left shaking my head at the voters who didn't support John Edwards when they had the chance...they are the ones who have left us with the choice between Obama and Clinton and every day it seems more as if they really messed up.

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