Wednesday, February 06, 2008

CNN's Super Tuesday coverage semi super

From a technical aspect with the maps and the graphics, CNN did a great job last night in covering Super Tuesday. Yet from a unbiased news position the coverage last night left this Democrat and her conservative leaning husband less than happy. The bias of those chosen was hard to ignore, it seemed on the Democratic side it was a pro-Obama bunch and on the conservative side, the effort was to minimalize the Huckabee and to proclaim McCain the winner no matter who else won what state last night.

At one point in time with only a few percentage points from one of the states it was commented that "Obama was really beating Hillary", which later turned out not to be such a "rousing" difference. The affect of Hillary winning Massachusetts was played down, when in reality, with Kennedy and Kerry both endorsing Obama no matter how you want to slice it, that was a smack from voters in Massachusetts.

When Huckabee was interviewed and was basically asked if his wins were worth anything since it was clear to the reporter that McCain was going to win, I thought my husband was going to blow a gasket. He muttered for a good 30 minutes after that one as well as complaining that very little time was given for Huckabee's speech. Which was true compared to the other candidates, Romney went on and on though he paled in comparison to Obama who's speech felt like it was never going to end and CNN did not even stick with the end of McCain's comments since Obama came on as McCain was still talking. I tried to get some type of inspiration from Obama last night, but no matter how hard I try, it's just not there. I don't believe this Obama is a movement, despite the packaging, I don't believe that he is the only one who can bring change, especially since he's short on detailed plans and long on dreamcasting. I understand people that want to believe, but we need more than dreams right now, we actually need plans not platitudes.

If you believe CNN last night, the republican nomination process is over, and McCain is the candidate. While it is true he has 680 delegates, it's not over on the Republican side until one of them has 1191. McCain is 511 delegates away. It is interesting though that it does appear that the conservative talk shows who are very against McCain did not have an impact. It also appears that Ron Paul who was not mentioned at all, is not doing well, he only picked up ten delegates last night.

So in the end, I'm still not convinced on Hillary but still leaning that way and my husband? He's still "hearting" Huckabee...


The News Writer said...

Sorry your husband is hearting Huckabee, a man with some fairly close ties to dominionists and reconstructionists who is on the record saying he wants to change the constitution to reflect God's law. That doesn't bode well for me and my kind.

Conservatism is one thing -- demogoguery and theocracy are quite different.

Lisa Renee said...

You are saying basically what my oldest daughter said today, and on a serious note, it is surprising that is who he is supporting. Is it "underdog mode"? That's what I am leaning towards or a lack of careful analysis as to Huckabee's positions beyond the cute Chuck Norris commercials.