Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My friend Cyberseaer's presidential prediction...

C and I go back and forth on many issues, he doesn't have as much time as he used to when it comes to online debating time but he sent me a recent email in which he said I could share his thoughts on the rumors that John Edwards is endorsing Hillary (which are out there) and his presidential predictions:

So what do you think of the stories of Edwards looking to endorse Hillary? I have called it on LCS and I'm calling it now; McCain will be the next president of the United States of America. I know that doesn't sit well with you, but most of the country will not vote for a black candidate or a woman candidate at this time. Not enough time has gone by for that to happen in this country. I'm sure that it will happen in the next twenty to fifty years, but there are too many of the good ol' boys that still can vote. As I have said before, the Democrats have to nominate a more moderate candidate and it look like Edwards was the most moderate of the bunch, but no, they have to go with the "ground breaking" candidates. Yuck.

I listen to the Opie and Anthony show in NY and Anthony said something about when a candidate keeps chanting change for the government. It leads to socialism and communism. Now before you start saying how silly that is, let's look at the trend of this country. Special interest groups look at all the negatives of different races and demand that everyone stop using their freedom of speech by wanting to ban certain words that offend the special interest groups. Regardless of whether you agree with the words or not, once you start censoring certain words (no matter how ugly or offensive they might be) then it will lead to a vocabulary that must be approved by the government with heavy fines for punishment and of course taxing the use of the the appropriate list (how else will this list get paid for?). Then you have people not wanting to offend other people, protecting children to the point where a nerf ball will be banned because a child got hit in the head with it, making sports more "fair" so that everyone gets a ribbon, and making sure that the people who excel in a certain area and make money to do so are tore down by criticism and taxes so that the fall back into the sea of mediocrity so that other people can fell good about their sucky lives, because they choose not to get ahead. So when I hear that we need universal heath care and that everyone goes to college, I wonder who will pay for all this? Hey, let's tax the rich for these programs. Well, the Democrats theory of tax and spend hasn't worked and will never work if we penalize the people who take risks and get the glory. Ok, I'm done.

I'm not going to tell C that I think he's silly, to me that's part of the reason under the two party system we have that we need checks and balances, while majority may rule, the minority can make sure that things don't go too far off the deep end. So I don't think some of his fears would come to roost because even if a Democrat is elected president, there will be Republicans in Congress.

I do think the opposite as he does when it comes to what would create a McCain win, I believe that if Obama is the candidate with the way the Republican attack machine will create a fear campaign using things true and not so true it will be at a higher level than what we saw John Kerry face. Who lost...and why did Kerry not win? He did not get the same voters that I don't believe Obama can get. Voters like me, I could not bring myself to vote for John Kerry, I wasn't alone and I'm not alone on dreading feeling that same way again about Barack Obama.


Steve said...

It may be premature to compare John Kerry to Barack Obama.

I don't know many people who enthusiastically voted for John Kerry (in fact the only ones I do know of who enthusiastically supoported him were those that I knew through the John Kerry website forum in 2004). Here in Ohio, the Kerry voters that I know went to the polls to vote against Bush. The Bush voters that I know went to the polls to vote against Kerry.

Barack Obama has been the only candidate for any office since 2004 who is running a campaign that gives people something to vote FOR (which is what he refers to as a new kind of electoral majority) instead of just motivating people to vote against the person who will cause their demise if elected.

Whether or not that qualifies Obama to be president is a whole different issue, but his campaign is something that I have not seen since I started voting (1992) and we would be making a mistake to liken him to any previous candidate.

Scott G said...

Does the Republican theory of don't tax and spend more work better?

I probably would not have a huge problem with McCain. I used to think highly of him, but he lost me in 2004 and just kept pushing me away since then. I would also be afraid of his VP choice since McCain is older and he will need someone to appease the conservatives.

As far as being qualified or prepared to be president, I find it hard to trust anyone who says they are qualified or prepared. It is a job that I don't think anyone is prepared for and even someone who has been there has to worry about a rapidly changing and expanding world where experience may help, but flexibility and an ability to adapt and learn are more important.