Thursday, February 07, 2008

At times I wonder if I'm on the same planet as some of these people...

I watched both speeches, neither one to me was inspiring...Obama's dragged on and on and was fractured, McCain's was not thrilling either but we don't know the end since CNN cut over to Obama (though I doubt it would have picked up). So reading this:
One soared; the other plodded. One caused goose bumps; the other caused eyelids to flutter shut. One felt newly minted; the other could have been given by Herbert Hoover (and maybe was).

Was I watching something different? No goosebumps, no soaring, but I agree there was eye lids fluttering shut and plodding...from both...

This can't be blamed on the fact that I support another candidate since my candidate of choice is out of it, but I have noticed a disturbing similar behavior from Obama fans, it's as if they live in a different plane of reality, where every word no matter how often repeated is treated as if it is like the magical first words of a child. Even when he reached out to those of us who are cynical, for a moment I thought perhaps he was actually going to say something, anything to convince me that he is really this political savior that many seem to believe he is.

I have friends who are what I would call Obama fanatics, they can't answer what any of his real positions are, they can't tell me how a man who claims to be against the status quo can maintain that given he is being supported by the very elite liberal status quo that many of them claim to take issue with, they can't tell me how he will unite when he has a clear history of creating division, they can't tell me why he lied about Selma...all they can tell me is the same platitudes, "He wants change", "He's inspiring", "I believe in him".

I feel like at times I'm like the little boy who keeps pointing out that the emperor has no clothes, that it should take more than knowing how to recite an inspiring speech written by someone else to become president, that actions speak louder than words, charisma should not replace character...Then again, if character really mattered would we be facing the choices on either side of the aisle...

Jason over at Yearning to Breath Free asks some interesting questions when it comes to the conservative side of the aisle, as he ponders what he calls "Conservative Whack A Mole".

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