Friday, January 18, 2008

Ummm wouldn't this make the news?

Call me skeptical but if multiple large cities lost power as the result of hackers, wouldn't that make the news? Just the power outages alone you'd think would be newsworthy even if the hackers and the demand for money was kept quiet.

When there were power outages in the US in 2003 it made the news...Over seas in 2003 it made the news, and in 2006 it made the news.

It appears possible if this is true that the 2006 incident could be one of those mentioned, since according to Forbes it is the SCADA systems that are vulnerable to hijacking and sabotage and Europe has the SCADA system though sabatoge was denied as a cause at the time:
An overload in Germany's power network triggered outages leaving millions without electricity on Saturday night.

What bothers me most about all of the news reports on the claim being made by Tom Donahue is it doesn't seem any of the media sources bothered to see how many major outages there were outside or inside of the US.

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