Monday, January 07, 2008

Different types of Affiliate programs...

One way quite a few people have decided to make money online is through affiliate programs. There are many different types of programs out there where you can make money from through this type of a process, including casino affiliate programs. I've looked at several different types of affiliate programs out there in the past, was really disappointed with Amazon and have probably not taken advantage of better ways to monetize my blog.

I could see where depending on the blog, especially if it was gaming or sports related, that the current offerings from C-Planet could net a webmaster or blogger a nice payout. I like the statement that C-Planet has listed, it caught my attention immediately on their philosophy which was paraphrased, the the more money you earn, the more money they earn and the longer you will want to have a relationship with them. In dealing with other companies out there, there are quite a few that seem to have forgotten that aspect of affiliate programs.

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