Thursday, December 27, 2007

Presidential campaign politics and Bhutto...

There are quite a few stories everywhere covering the murder today of Benazir Bhutto, yet like Chris Cillizza, the presidential candidates sent out responses, the first one I received was from the Richardson campaign. As Chris reports, Rudy was the first to try to use the fear factor:

"Her death is a reminder that terrorism anywhere -- whether in New York, London, Tel-Aviv or Rawalpindi -- is an enemy of freedom," said Giuliani. "We must redouble our efforts to win the Terrorists' War on Us."

That it was the first statement that arrived in The Fix email inbox is not surprising as his campaign strategy is closely linked to many voters' belief that the world is a dangerous place and that Giuliani is the candidate best equipped to deal with threats to this country.

I could rail against the way everything becomes a campaign message, but it would be pointless...

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