Monday, December 17, 2007

Prediction on FISA doesn't appear to have happened...

What was predicted, in Democratic Ping-Pong Could Conclude This Week:
Ping 1: Today the Senate, on a 76-10 cloture vote, officially moved to consider the bill reauthorizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This has turned particularly controversial because of an amendment that would provide retroactive legal immunity to the telecom industry for giving information to U.S. intelligence officials earlier this decade about private individuals. Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.), back from the presidential trail in Iowa, is expected to take the floor at some point today or tomorrow and launch an old school, Mr. Smith-style filibuster of the bill if his amendment to strip the immunity grant from the bill fails. But his effort is not likely to succeed - rules do not allow him to sit down, he is only allowed to yield to a colleague for a question and he cannot take restroom breaks - as his staff have acknowledged he will speak for "as long as he can." Assuming this filibuster does not produce a Dodd victory, the FISA bill should pass the Senate by the middle of this week and then be sent to the House.

What happened according to an email I received from DFA:
Dear Lisa,

You did it! Minutes ago, Senator Reid pulled the FISA bill from the Senate floor.

Since Friday at noon, you made 2,443 reported calls to Senator Reid demanding he stop this bill. All weekend internet blogs, like Firedoglake and DailyKos, kept it in the news cycle. From the ACLU to the Courage Campaign, progressives took action. And today, Senator Dodd threatened to filibuster. Together, we won.

When Progressives stand up, Beltway Democrats back down. doesn't appear that Reid sees it that way, Telecom Immunity Issue Derails Spy Law Overhaul:
Reid spokesman Jim Manley said the decision had nothing to do with the efforts of Dodd and his allies. Indeed, for most of yesterday, Dodd appeared to be fighting a losing battle. His initial filibuster effort was steamrolled when the Senate voted 76 to 10 to take up the measure at noon.

Either way, the bill is dead until after the first of the year...

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