Sunday, December 16, 2007

I give up on Survivor...

Hopefully this outcome is a fluke but seeing Todd win it? was a really disappointing season as far as who ended up in the final three. It wasn't outwit, outplay, outlast as much as it was Amanda making a huge mistake in not voting Todd out since compared to Amanda and Courtney? He did play a better game but not anywhere like some of the past Survivor villains have done....


Cyberseaer said...

I'm still going to watch Survivor as long as it runs. Yeah, this wasn't the greatest season of the show. And I had Erik in the pool and again came close to winning, but such is life. sigh.

I was pulling for Amanda since I didn't like the rest of the last four, but I knew she wasn't going to win when she was very wishy-washy with her answers to the jury. But it was nice to see Courtney gaining a few pounds at the reunion.

As for Todd, I never like him and he won. Life goes on.

I was in a mood anyway with the dumbass play calling that the Jets coaching staff came up with. Chad was put in the game when Clemens was taken out the second play of the game, but Mangini decided to go with some trick plays with Brad Smith that failed and only trusted Chad late in the game when it was too late. But I bitch for no reason.

Congrats to your Dolphins winning a game. I was hoping that they would go 0-16 just for the novelity of it all, but even I, a Jets fan, was getting depressed for your guys.

Hope you enjoyed my late night ramblings. Lisa, email soon. Been through alot in the last couple of months. I'm wondering what's happening with you and your family. I'll try to email soon as well.

Lisa Renee said...

OMG You are ALIVE!

Yeah, I suck at email catching up almost as much as you do. I admit the temptation of next season being Fan VS Favorite is tempting, which I didn't know at the time I wrote this but I was just disappointed in this season. I've watched every single one since Survivor started and this one to me was the worst.

To be honest, I didn't realize Miami finally won one with all that happened recently so thanks for letting me know and it will take one of my famous novels to get you caught up.