Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mike Huckabee is the Republican that worries Democrats...

When I watched the YouTube commerical that Huckabee put out there with Chuck Norris, then saw the recent climb in numbers, it didn't surprise me that he as a presidential candidate has some of the Democratic strategists worried. What's most interesting to me when you read Chris Cillizza's Is Huckabee Democrats' Biggest Nightmare? is the fact that he was so not considered a threat that there are no recent head to head pollings out there on him versus any of the leading Democrats.

I predict that will change soon, and I do think that some of what was written could very well prove true, such as:
"Mike Huckabee is the Republican that probably worries me the most," said Wooten Johnson, a Democratic strategist based in Louisiana. "Unlike the other Republicans, he isn't flawed in the eyes of the Republican base. But more importantly, he has a record of being a true compassionate conservative. He will be able to attract those suburban voters that don't want to vote for [a] Democrat."

John Anzalone, a Democratic pollster based in Alabama, offered a similar sentiment about Huckabee: "He is the type of person who plays well in both a People Magazine profile, on Leno and in debates," said Anzalone. "Real people seem to see a bit of themselves in Huck, and I think he will be difficult to demonize."

I recommend reading the full post, Cillizza does a great job in providing historical information on Huckabee and it's a good read for those of us really into politics.


Scott G said...

I believe that of the Republicans running, Huckabee is the best general election candidate. I also think he could beat Clinton and Obama.

craig said...

A real compassionate conservative, too difficult to demonize, my heavens!
Two words...Wayne DuMond.

venom6160 said...

Not sure Huckabee is all they're giving him credit for. I think somewhere along the line he is getting the nod from the 'sound-clip' population who only want to spend 30 seconds picking who they like best. This would be your fuzzy middle.

Unfortunately, picking a president is turning out to be a popularity contest. This is sad.

So far - they still all appear to be trying to sell me property in the middle of Lake Erie.

Lisa Renee said...

Venom, I can understand that feeling, it's like used car salesmen at times with a mix of Publisher Clearing House.