Monday, December 03, 2007

John Edwards most realistic choice for a "Progressive President"

Democracy for America recently had a pulse poll that over 154,000 people voted in the largest primary poll of 2008. From an email I was sent it states that the poll made clear two striking facts: A 78% consensus for the top three progressive candidates of Edwards, Kucinich, and Obama. And 95% of DFA members voted for someone other than the media's frontrunner. That may be true but when you actually visit the pulse poll results and you make use of the ability to remove candidates from the list, similar to what an Instant Run Off system would give you, and you first remove Al Gore since he's not running for President you end up with Representative Dennis Kucinich leading with 36.3% of the vote. Despite the high numbers in the poll, since Kucinich is not one of the current three leaders, if you remove his name from the pulse poll? John Edwards has a clear lead of 35.13%, Barack Obama has 24.98% and Hillary Clinton 10.25%.

No, I'm not taking a different stand on my beliefs on polls, but at least this one was a larger group and while it really only demonstrates how those who voted in the Democracy For America pulse poll feel, the only way Obama leads as far as those over 154,000 people is if Gore, Kucinich and Edwards is taken out. It also shows a clear division when first looked at given that Kucinich got the most votes, 49364 and that off the top three contenders, Hillary Clinton is the least liked in this particular part of the Democratic Party.


Roland Hansen said...

Edwards is THE ONE for me.

Lisa Renee said...

Unfortunately I think the return of his wife's cancer has been a problem for many people. He was the candidate I first supported this time around and I haven't stopped supporting him though there have been a few things I haven't agreed with at least he has tried to be consistent.