Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's the children who suffer most in the Gaza...

When you wonder why some children grow up to feel resentment and hatred in the Middle East, especially towards Israel, you really do not need to go any further than this Washington Post article, Sealed Off by Israel, Gaza Reduced to Beggary to understand how it happens. My stepson who died when he was five years old had his short life changed as if a miracle had happened when he was fitted with hearing aids. Imagine how cruel it is to take that away from children:
The batteries are the size of a button on a man's shirt, small silvery dots that power hearing aids for several hundred Palestinian students taught by the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza City.

Now the batteries, marketed by Radio Shack, are all but used up. The few that are left are losing power, turning voices into unintelligible echoes in the ears of Hala Abu Saif's 20 first-grade students.

We aren't talking about Israel limiting items that could be used for some sort of violence here, we are talking about basic survival need items being stopped from reaching people, batteries, anesthesia drugs, antibiotics among them.

I recommend reading the whole article, I noted there was very little stated as to what the US intends to do if anything about this.

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Scott G said...

Sadly, it is the children that suffer most everywhere