Saturday, December 15, 2007

Donate your boat...

There are lots of organizations out there that you can donate a car or Donate Boat to. Yet what's different about Boat Angel isn't the donation process, after accepting a boat they sell them on eBay, it's what they do with the proceeds from the sale of donations that sets them apart from the others. Part of what they do is create Children's Animation DVDS with a Christian message using a character called Donkey Ollie to share stories from the Bible and about Jesus. One particular episode, Donkey Ollie 3 - Shipwrecked has won quite a few awards and honorable mentions. These DVD's are sent free of charge, which also includes free shipping to anyone who requests them.

However, that's not what caught my attention as to what Boat Angel and Car Angel are doing as far as trying to present a message to our children. The animated DVD's are cute and I'm sure as my granddaughter gets a little older she would enjoy them very much but it was reading about D.O.P.E., which is a 60 minute documentary narrated by Danny Trejo, that caught my attention. When I watched the trailer that is on YouTube:

As a parent of older children, my youngest is 13, I can believe that a documentary such as this could very well make our teenagers and pre-teens stop and think about what happens when you start using drugs. How easy it is to lose control and how hard it is to get your life back, as well as how those around you suffer. If you do have a boat that you are not interested in keeping, it's as easy as clicking on Donate my Boat to get more details on Boat Angel.

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