Friday, December 14, 2007

Adknowledge special offer for new advertisers

It can be hard to know where to turn to when you are trying to take advantage of payper click marketing. PPC engines come in two major types "Keyword" or "Content Match". Payper click programs do not make money solely from traffic for sites that display the ads. Revenue is generated only when a user clicks on the ad itself. As an example if I had a post that said "click here", the only way revenue would be generated for me would be if someone actually clicked there. The only way the advertiser would be charged for that click would be if someone actually did click.

Adknowledge with their payper click program gives advertisers a more affordable option over Google and some of the other payper click programs. Currently they are offering $50 in FREE PPC Advertising to new clients so they can see for themselves what kind of results they can get from Adknowledge. It's a good way to test drive their system to see what kind of results your company or organization can get from a payper click advertising system using traffic in display, email and smaller search engines as their primary placing locations. They invite you to stop by and check out their offer and discover what over 50,000 other advertisers have discovered, that works for them.

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