Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wiki on Investments

I came across a new wiki today called, that focuses on providing articles about many of the popular stocks out there on the market today. In my part of Ohio there has been a great deal of controversy at times concerning Starbucks (SBUX) and some of the local coffee shops, so it was with interest I read the Wiki piece on Starbucks. What I found very interesting in the way that Wikinvest does this is they have a neutral position, a bull position and a bear position. Reading all three opinions is a very enlightening experience and I learned much more about this one particular company than I knew before. As an example, I had no idea that Starbucks sells 14 times as much coffee per store as McDonald’s. There are also many other articles on the site on other stocks Sprint Nextel (S).

The additional feature of the Wikichart is something that would really be helpful for those interested in investigating the history of a stock as well as getting tips as when to sell and what news was released that had a bearing on a stock price going up or going down. Whether you are a casual follower of the stock market or a serious investor the information provided on stocks through Wikinvest could very well not only be of interest to you but helpful in your decision making process.

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