Friday, November 09, 2007

First Bill Clinton tempts me with chips now Hillary with a sandwich...

I could not resist the temptation to try to "win" watching an upcoming presidential debate with former President Bill Clinton and a bowl of potato chips, needless to say I didn't win. So today when I received this email, I was torn with one of those "Publisher Clearing House" moments of "you can't win if you don't enter":
Dear Lisa,

Contribute today, and you could join Hillary for a lunch on the campaign trail.
You're my secret weapon.

All the other campaigns are busy talking about me. But with your support, I'm staying focused on what's important in this race. I never forget what we're working for when I'm out on the campaign trail. That's why I'd like one of you to join me for a day.

I'm so proud of what you and I have accomplished, and every day I see the results. More and more people are joining our campaign for change, and what you and I do in the coming weeks will make the difference in this election.

So I want to invite one of you and a guest to join me for a day to see what we're building together. With just a few weeks until the first caucuses and primaries, there's no more exciting time than now. There's also no better time to help.

Your support has meant so much to me in this campaign. Will you help me again and make a difference in the first few primaries and caucuses by contributing today? You could join me out on the campaign trail. We'll take a few minutes to grab a sandwich and talk.

Enter to join me on the campaign trail. Make a contribution today.
Click here to make a contribution.

If they throw in chips with this one? Could be hard to resist...

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tridentblue said...

I just got this one too! It's Hillarious, her campaign is so personal. "Sign my b-day card! Can we talk? You're my secret weapon!" yada yada. I like it to an extent, but Obama's talk about less personal politics is starting to appeal...