Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Environmental benefits to Steel Buildings

As a society we have a tendency to consume more than we replace and we don't take advantage of ways we can diminish harm to the environment. This is especially clear when it comes to construction. The average 2,000 square foot home consumes approximately 50 trees as part of the building process where Steel Buildings that make use of recycled steel products would use the equivalent of 6 junked cars. Even in scenarios where the initial construction cost is more when steel is used, the cost of maintenance and the lifespan of the construction make the use of steel in construction more cost effective.

Using recycled steel helps in creating Steel Buildings is better for our economy since it doesn't take jobs away from American Steel Workers by using foreign steel and steel buildings are also more energy efficient. This means they are more environmentally friendly.

I recommend visiting Olympia Buildings and taking a look at some of the photos they have showing the huge variation in style and designs that can be done using steel buildings. I think you'll be surprised at the options for commercial applications, garages, workshops, agricultural uses and even for home additions.

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Sarika said...

Steel building construction offers benefits such as faster installation, sustainability and unlimited design flexibility. It reduces energy cost and the amount of waste material. It does not require any sophisticated tools for assembly. Steel constructions can successfully withstand natural pressures such as earthquakes, severe cold or hurricanes. New innovations in the color code and accessories will add to the aesthetics of steel building construction.

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