Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Building that Dream Home...

I've always had in the back of my mind the dream of having a home built for us, and I have spent many an hour looking at Log Home Plans since that design is one that I have always admired. The internet has made this even easier to do with websites like House Plans and More with the huge number of designs that are available. You can look at a large number of luxury home Plans as well as many other types of homes.

While I'm a huge fan of the log cabin look, I'd also prefer to have a ranch home, thankfully there are Ranch House Plans that are also Log Cabins, which to me would be the best of both worlds. The advantages of using one of these plans is that in the majority of cases all you need to do after finding the dream home for you is to buy the lot and contact a construction manager. You don't need to hire an architect in the majority of locations especially if you are not planning on making major changes to your selected plan.

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