Thursday, October 11, 2007

US gaining on UK in mobile Web use

In reading this article entitled, Search Is Driving Mobile Web Growth In The U.S., I didn't realize that the US had made such gains in numbers. It appears the growth is mainly due to using mobile search and there is a definite growth in the popularity of the mobile website. Companies like Go Live Mobile are becoming well known when it comes to mobile website hosting and mobile website design. This is a critical element since sites developed specifically for mobile users make their mobile web browsing a faster and more enjoyable experience. This also means there is some new terminology, terms like wap site, WAP means "Wireless Application Protocol". This also means terms like wap site hosting and wap site design are becoming more common. If the predictions in the article prove true, it appears this will continue to grow in popularity and use as more mobile phone users experience the web.


Bob Butane said...

Some computer scientists think that mobile popularity will keep growing even faster than we've been seeing internet and non-mobile computer popularity growing.

Lisa Renee said...

I think that's very possible, it's amazing how technology has advanced the past few years when it comes to cell phones alone.