Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Technical Training that Works...

The motto that you see when you visit the Wyotech website is, "Get your hands dirty with technical training that works". What this means is that the training you get through Wyotech is hands on training in some of the in demand fields that include automotive, aviation, HVAC, and watercraft. Why this is important is it is easier to enter the work force for one of these tech careers when you have actually done the job.

Wyotech has seven different campuses in five states and it's very easy to sign up for more information through their website. You'll be able to find out about financial aid, specifics on which programs they offer at the campus nearest to you and discover when you can get started learning what could very well be the career of your dreams. All seven schools are accredited and have a high job placement ratio after successful completion of their training courses.


Anonymous1 said...

Sounds like you doing a commercial for them. Do you know anyone who has completed one of their degree's? I didn't see a link anywhere (using IE6 if that helps) but I can look them up easily enough.

Lisa Renee said...

The link is right in the body of the text, Wyotech, the post is review of their website and the information they offer.

However, one of my husband's relatives in Boston did attend there and was happy with the cost and the experience.