Sunday, October 07, 2007

Global warming or has been devastating...

This picture of a giant wave that hit Taiwan creates an instant sobering moment of the reality of the force of nature.

Then here in the US, hundreds in Chicago were affected by the heat at the Chicago Marathon with one man dying as a result of the heat and humidity.

I know here in Toledo Friday was a record breaking day for heat, yesterday was close and it appears today broke the record that was set in 1963 of 91 degrees, it reached 92 degrees today. This of course points out that we have had record heat in October in years past since Friday's previous record was in 1951 and today's was in 1963.

As has been stated here previously, I do believe man has an impact on the environment that can affect our weather, but I also realize that weather as well as other factors that impact the weather such as Sun flares, etc., do appear to go in cycles as well.


Anonymous said...

I have few doubts that climate change is under way. I think the debate comes from what the causes are, and what we can effectively and smartly do about it. I dont think every solution has to be political, or individual. I think some of the things we try may actually make things worse.

...but I do believe it is real.

Lisa Renee said...

Steve, I agree with you 100%, listening to Dr. Lonnie Thompson in person last week was an eye opening experience for me. I thought I was informed but I really had quite a bit to learn.

Anonymous said...

I saw some guy on C-Span this weekend- he was from a Scandanavian country- who really laid out some good points on how we get the cart before the horse sometimes.