Tuesday, October 09, 2007

BP Solar Decathlon

We've been covering climate changes and what we can do to help our environment as far as green technology recently. It was with great interest that I read about the BP Solar Decathlon. While the perception of BP only being interested in traditional fossil fuels could be assumed in hearing just the name BP, they are actually very involved in trying to develop different forms of alternative fuels as well as energy efficiency. Twenty university teams design completely solar-powered houses that must be livable in this contest then transport them to Washington D.C. in this event that is held every other year. BP in addition to being a main corporate sponsor is the only energy company to be involved in sponsorship with this event that is also sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

At this moment there are two days to the event, and it's being covered in great detail on a blog specially created for the BP Solar Decathlon that has pictures, information on solar power and as the event grows closer, you can expect the winners to be announced as well. This is the third year for this event and the past two times the University of Colorado took home first place, they were again selected this year to compete by the Department of Energy. Will they bring home the win again or will one of the other teams design the most attractive and most energy efficient solar home? Just a few more days for that to be discovered...

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