Monday, September 24, 2007

Rent books and have them delivered to your door...

Imagine being able to rent paperback or hardcover books without having to leave your home to travel anywhere. You pick out which books you want to read, they are delivered to your home and when you are done? You return them via mail and more books come in their place. This is exactly how I get DVD's delivered to my home, for those of you who enjoy reading there is a Book Rental Club based on the same principle:
MONROE, NJ -, the first and only online hardcover and paperback book rental service, is announcing the release of a 2-at-a-Time Plan with unlimited rentals at $9.99 for the first month if they subscribe with promo code 2planfor999. Thereafter the membership fee is $14.99 monthly.

“The idea is to let some of our more casual readers discover what it truly means to ‘read more, pay less’. Saving Swimmers money through book rental has been our end goal,” says chief marketing officer George Burke. “Our previous starter plan, 3-at-a-Time for $19.99, gave less avid readers the impression of more books than needed in a month. They wanted to see fewer books for less money and we’re happy to accommodate those who don’t have much time to devote to reading, but still want to save on all the latest and rarest book titles, shipped to their door.”

As with every book rental plan, there’s no late fees so readers can keep our books as long as they wish. Postage is completely free, both ways. And with unlimited book rentals per month, faster readers are rewarded with more books. If the user enjoys a book, as with every plan, he or she can elect to purchase it at a deep discount.

Burke continues to explain the absence of a 1-book rental plan. “Shipping two or even three books in a package can cost the same as one book, so why give members one when we can give them three in a package for the same price?”

The average New York Times Bestseller title carries a list price of about $22. For $7 less, the new 2-at-a-Time plan lends members potentially 4 to 6 bestsellers, new releases, classics, or children’s books each month.

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