Thursday, September 13, 2007

On having a successful online store...

If you are like me, you get curious as to how things work and something I always wondered was how online stores have the shopping cart on them that keeps track of what you are purchasing and then takes you to the checkout when you are done shopping as well as take your credit card information in a safe and secure manner. I discovered that it is companies like Ashop that develop the software behind this shopping cart software. This makes it much easier for an online store business to be able to create a professional appearance by making use of this ecommerce software. If you have ever had dreams of opening up your own online market place, Ashop gives you the ability to try their software for free for ten days. They also have a demo store that you can check out to try all of the features of their software, which I admit I had fun playing with the Urban Toyz demo store.


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