Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hillary having a mind of her own should be lauded..

I always find it ironic when people assume that Hillary Clinton should have the same positions as Bill Clinton when it comes to what each one supports. No one can name many people who agree on everything, even torture. An important factor in this was life was different in America when Bill Clinton was president, many things have changed so the big deal being made about Hillary not having the same position when it comes to the authority to authorize the torture of a terrorist in a "ticking time bomb" scenario is to me a dud.

Hillary Clinton is the one running for President and while I enjoyed watching the former President on television this morning on Meet the Press, I found the discussion on NAFTA to be much more of interest than on the topic of torture, and as was aptly pointed out:
Clinton said that no "ticking time bomb" scenarios had occurred during his tenure or President Bush's to his knowledge.

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