Sunday, September 30, 2007

Avoid a crashing experience...

The worst thing imaginable would be to have spent all of that money on that dream plasma television you have always wanted and then having it drop from your wall. If you are making that kind of an investment it makes sense to use high quality plasma lcd television wall brackets to make sure that you avoid a crashing experience.

Dekomount is in the process of creating an online presence to compliment their current London operation (where you can get same day pick up). They state that they will be offering an 18 month warranty and that when the online ordering system is up and running any orders made before 3:00 will be delivered the next day. So, if you are a UK resident and a wall mounted television is in your future, bookmark the Dekomount website, their promise of fast delivery, great warranty and prices 200% cheaper could make you a very happy consumer.

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