Saturday, September 22, 2007

Great way to protect your carpet and flooring

Every year when the sloppy season of winter comes it's a never ending mess when you have carpets, pets and children. I've tried different types of carpet protectors in the past but they didn't stick or they shifted which made them basically useless. With this product from Plasticover, they offer a better system for temporary carpet protection. The plastic covering comes with it's own adhesive background that sticks in place for at least 60 days of use then comes off without a sticky residue. From all appearances it looks as if it is very easy to apply.

With all of the problems we had with pets, children and carpet we opted for wood floors here. Even then there are times when the floor needs a temporary covering. Plasticover also offers a temporary floor protection film that can be used on wood or other hard surface flooring. Other than the seasonal aspect, I can also see where this would come in handy if you are expecting a large group of people, or even a business with heavy foot traffic where you want to have some temporary carpet protection in place.

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