Thursday, September 20, 2007

22 Democrats Join Republicans in "rebuke" of Move On ad

As I sit here I wonder after reading, Senate rebukes for Gen. 'Betray Us' ad will the focus be on the fact that this demonstrates that even some of the Democrats in the Senate believe the "Betray us" ad went to far or will it continue to focus on the assumption that anyone who claims to be a Democrat, especially a liberal agrees with everything that Move on does.

Here in Ohio? Sherrod Brown voted no, Voinovich voted yes...

From a Presidential standpoint? Clinton voted no...Obama didn't vote, neither did Biden.

For even more on the topic of the ad in question, the Washington Post puts it to a fact check. The end result of their fact checking:

Personally I think the waste of time voting on "rebuking" or "condemning" an ad was just as pointless as the Move On ad was. All it does is take away from the real issues and continues the political game of tit for tat...

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