Monday, August 13, 2007

Why I am looking at web design services...

While I like to consider myself someone tech savvy, I realize my limits and for me trying to update and re-design my local personal website and blog has been a challenge. This has made me start looking at companies like Dev3 - Web Design Services. I really enjoyed looking at their portfolio, it really demonstrated to me their level of expertise and creativity, especially the websites they designed for "The Edge" and for Block Island.

The prices lists are very reasonable as far as starting at prices and after spending quite a bit of time visiting their latest works and all of the sites included in their portfolio, I'm going to take advantage of their free quote by email to see what they could do for my website. They also provide other services even Custom Web Applications, so I recommend checking them out.

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Anonymous said...

This company lies!!! They have said that they designed our website but they did not and repeated attempts to get our site removed have been ignored. My company has even contacted other web design companies that they have clearly stolen work from to make sure they were aware that this was going on, and they said that they too were in the same boat as us, trying to get their sites removed. Look at the source code on the websites they claim to have designed (when looking at the website they say they designed click on "Page" in your browser and "View Source") and most times it will list the name of the company that actually created the website. If you are unsure, you should contact the companies they claim to have designed for to get references for them and to check if they actually did the work.