Monday, August 13, 2007

I tend to agree with Michelle Obama

I think the whole debate on Barack Obama and is he black enough is just as silly and as racially motivated as those who state they wouldn't vote for him because he is black. It's just as silly as people who say they would not vote for someone who is gay, or a woman or any other motivation than what the actual candidate is about.

I also do know though, that if a white candidate made the same joke about being late in reference to the black race, that people wouldn't be laughing. The problem for Barack is going to be if he makes race an issue, appealing both sides rather than to just embrace the fact and campaign on no matter our race we are all Americans...

I recommend you watch the video that's included with the article...


Head Spinner Scott said...

I agree also. How do you determine if someone is black or Hispanic or whatever? Are you not black enough if you don't follow the rap and street philosophy of don't snitch? Or does going to school and finding success among white people hurt your minority credibility?

Lisa Renee said...

I still don't think I could ever vote for him, but it is definitely not based on whether he is black enough or not.

The problem is if you let your campaign use the media hype of "the first black" or the "first African American" then you create the questions. He can't control the media but he's brought part of this upon himself with past statements and this recent video of him joking around about being late.

Maybe Michelle should have been the one to run, it seems at times she has more common sense.


Hooda Thunkit said...

More important to me is:

Is he intelligent and articulate, which he obviously is.

If I were to question anything about Mr. Obama, it would be where does his heart and soul reside, religiously speaking; tell me more about his core values/beliefs.

The dreaded question, put bluntly, would be, Is he too Muslim?

When I vote in this election, I want to have a very clear feeling for each candidate's "soul."

Head Spinner Scott said...

I would be all for a true Muslim candidate. Hell, I might even support a true Christian. Unfortunately, there are fewer of each every day as people are called upon to choose sides in a fictitious battle for God's love