Friday, August 24, 2007

Warner says bring troops home by Christmas...

This is August, almost September, and Senator John Warner after coming back from spending four days in Iraq is calling for our troops to be brought home by Christmas, the media coverage on this thus far:

Warner Calls for Pullouts By Winter

Sen. Warner: Iraq pullout should start in weeks

Fox does not list Warner in the headling but part of this article, Report: Gen. Pace to Recommend Major Troop Reductions in Iraq

The Washington Times seems to be using a similar format, Report: Iraqi stability growing

New York Times also does not mention Warner in the headline, Report Offers Grim View of Iraqi Leaders

I'm sure there are more but those will give you a fairly balanced look at the information and how this story is being reported.

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Larry said...

If you remember Warner was saying similar things before the vote to continue funding, then as always he fell into the party line and voted to fund the war.