Friday, August 24, 2007

Eye of the Dolphin released today...

If you are looking for a family movie that looks like it would be enjoyable for many members of your family, I recommend considering Eye of the Dolphin. I watched the trailer, which I have included here to share with you:

I also visited the website for the movie, Eye of the Dolphin and saw that there is a contest to win free tickets, but I recommend you do so quickly, the contest ends August 26th, sign up is easy online to win free passes at selected theaters, unfortunately none of the theaters in my area are a part of the contest but I am hopeful that the movie will be shown here in Toledo in the weeks to come, since it is not one of the areas where the movie is being shown starting today. This was disappointing since I enjoyed watching the trailer and reading more about the movie online. So, I encourage those of you in an area that the movie is being shown in to remember to stop by and let me know how you enjoyed it, and to take advantage of the chance to win free passes.



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its a very nice post about dolphin.
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