Friday, August 17, 2007

Save when it comes to Ebay selling tools

I know people who have made a nice side income from selling things on Ebay, or other auction type sites. My involvement with sites like that has been from a purely buyer standpoint. However, I understand there are tips, tricks and all kinds of other tools that sellers can use, if you take a look at this website,
The Auction Software Review, you'll see various types of software that is being reviewed related to online sales such as auctions and other forms of marketing. I had no idea there was that many types of software and tools for this purpose.

One particular article that I found especially entertaining that I recommend reading is titled, Don't pay for eBay selling tools! I really enjoyed Sam Carson's tale of how he sold seven garden gnomes, though I do disagree with him as to them being "awful looking", I'm a fan of gnomes though. Anyway, back to the main topic, if you are one of those who sell on Ebay, use the tips featured to make your sales more successful and to reach the highest amount of sellers possible.


Anonymous said...

My involvement with sites like that has been from a purely buyer standpoint.

That's interesting, as I'm the exact opposite. I sell but do next to no buying--don't want to get caught up in the "auction frenzy" that I so often see happen with my own items.

Lisa Renee said...

If any of the software there works out for you let me know. I've been in a few of those bidding frenzies, so I can relate to that but I stick pretty firm to my "limit" of what I know I'm willing to spend.