Friday, August 10, 2007

Does the US have a moral obligation to Iraqi's they've hired?

That is the basic nature of the situation as raised in this CNN story, Iraqi interpreter: 'Now I have no future'. Given the problems in Iraq the only way for the US to really fulfill the moral obligation that is being said by some to exist would be to bring every single family who supported or helped the US to the United States. Making arrangements for only 1000 of the interpreters is not a solution as many people will be left behind and if the government there is such that these people are living in the fear they are reporting? How have we really even made Iraq any better? It seems the only difference is who are the people that are living in fear rather than Iraq being a better nation than it was before.

Removing those who did support/help the US is not going to make Iraq a better country, as those who are left behind will feel abandoned if they were supporters and those very people who could have stayed to make a difference to make Iraq a better nation leaving just leaves more there who create the fear rather than fight it.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

I believe the word is conundrum.

We are obliged to protect them, but we need them there to continue to turn the tide.

Tis a puzzlement.