Friday, August 10, 2007

Amar and another interesting Global Post...

As I've written before, I've been following the writings and adventures of Amar C. Bakshi in the PostGlobal series on the Washington Post. Yesterday Amar posted another experience that I recommend as a thought provoking look into how others see the United States this time from Pakistan. It's entitled, American Arrogance -- Or Just Self-Awareness?.

It's a question I have asked myself at times as far as how many US Citizens are more self absorbed with their own self importance rather than taking a larger view. We've discussed here more than once the fact that we place a much higher value on American lives than we do of those of other nations, especially those in the Middle East.

What I found especially interesting was that the knowledge that this self-centered behavior exists in other nations, it just appears that we as Americans seem to get quite a bit more focus on that trait. I think it would be hard to argue it is not in part due to our own behaviors as well as how we are portrayed by the media in other countries.

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