Monday, July 02, 2007

The Search for Amelia Earhart

Growing up as the daughter of a pilot and alternating dreaming between growing up to be a race car driver like ChaCha, a roller derby star or a famous pilot, the story of Amelia Earhart has always fascinated me. I've also always wondered what did happen to her and have followed through the years the different theories. Today's Washington Post has a very interesting article about Ric Gillespie who is well known as one of the experts on Amelia and the search for the answers as to what happened to her.

Some conspiracy buffs have dedicated their lives to proving she was captured by the Japanese during an American spy mission. Some even believe she was forced into becoming the infamous Tokyo Rose, a broadcaster who taunted U.S. troops during the war while playing snappy tunes. A few claim she reemerged as a New Jersey housewife after vanishing.

But Gillespie, a former aviation insurance adjuster, is different. No imaginative theories clutter his mind. In fact, he concedes what most authorities believe: Earhart perished in the Pacific. What he doesn't believe is that Earhart ditched her plane into the ocean after getting lost, as Coast Guard and Navy officials and most aviation historians have concluded. Instead, Gillespie is convinced that she and her navigator managed to find a remote Pacific atoll -- the one he keeps re-exploring -- and successfully landed on a reef. That's what he's out to prove.

Just a small portion of the three page article I recommend reading...

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