Sunday, May 06, 2007

They are wild and they are crazy at PayPerPost...

No matter which episode of RockStartUp I watch, there are those moments in this reality tv series where I say to myself - "OMG they are CRAZY!". I mean light saber battles who does that? (shhh to those of you who know how many times I've played "Darth Mom".) My favorite episode is still the fifth episode because that is the Postie Wedding one and I admit I am very biased in liking Julie. I also enjoyed when Colleen and Sindy showed up to do their own idea of a reverse postie patrol. Yes, I'm biased towards Colleen and Sindy, after all we are Posties! From what I've been told, if you sign up thru video iTunes you can watch in HD.

Now on to Episode 21, which is a collection of out-takes. I've provided it here for you to watch. It to me demonstrates the very essence of the craziness and fun that surrounds PayPerPost. I won't totally ruin it for you except to say, Ted, I would have never guessed you had so many problems with that one easy phrase or how much time must have gone into filming each one of the RockStartUp episodes until today. I also have to say...cakeplowing seems to be a sacrilegious thing to do to a cake.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

Just goes to prove that even totally insane people can be successful in and on the Internet ;-)

(I particularly liked the cakeplowing)