Saturday, May 12, 2007

Maybe Iocal carryouts should sell sunglasses...

Here in Toledo there is a minor controversy starting over stores selling certain items that could be used for illegal uses, I don't think these stores make a great deal of money on these items but...they could make money selling Sunglasses. This time of year there is a huge market for sunglasses and there are not that many places where you can find inexpensive pairs. This I know from watching my husband and my daughters since they are masters at the art of losing pairs of sunglasses. People do buy such items as an impulse if they are priced right and if they look similar to designer sunglasses.

I have suggested buying them in bulk myself considering these Wholesale Sunglasses are pretty darn inexpensive. After seeing what quality my one daughter got when two pairs arrived from a popular online auction site that she spent over $30.00 on? It made me more convinced that she would have made a better choice had she gone to CTS Wholesale instead.

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