Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I admit it...I love fountains

I love fountains, my dream would be to someday have a breathtaking outdoor fountain as a part of my yard but in the past several years we have had several different indoor fountains in various rooms of our home and Miguel has one in his office. For me it's the soothing sound of the water that attracts me most with the next advantage being the humidifying factor that water fountains add to your home. This was especially important when we lived in an all electric home where the air was much dryer.

I have seen some amazing wall fountains and have noticed that many local eating establishments are starting to use wall fountains as a part of their decor. Here in our home and in Miguel's office we have used the tabletop fountains. We started out with one in our bedroom then added one to the living room, then his office then of course the girls each wanted one of their own. There are so many different types of designs and styles that is is possible to find the perfect indoor fountain to match any room decor.

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