Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well, Hillary...when you send a message to Ludacris?

Here we go, the attempt to take a situation that's been built into way more than what it should have been and use it for your political advantage. I just got an email from the Hillary Clinton for President campaign...
Dear Lisa,

When our children are young, we teach them to dream big and reach for the stars, and that if they work hard enough they can accomplish anything.

This year the Rutgers women's basketball team defied the odds and lived up to their dreams, providing inspiration to every little boy and girl beginning to pick up a ball or open a book. These remarkable young women reached the pinnacle of success and won the hearts of basketball fans everywhere with their grace, skill, and poise. They are role models deserving our praise -- and our support.

Don Imus's comments about them were nothing more than small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism. They showed a disregard for basic decency and were disrespectful and degrading to African Americans and women everywhere.

Please join me in sending the young women of Rutgers a message of respect and support. Show them that we are proud to stand with them and for them.

Now, if this had been a message concerning dealing with the real issue which is a general disregard for basic decency that is disrespectful and degrading to African Americans and Women everywhere? I'd "stand" with Hillary. I don't stand for fake outrage when right at this very moment women are being degraded and disrespected on a much larger scale than Don Imus's one failed joke/comment.

As a woman and as a mother with four daughters? The media and entertainment industry is much more of a degrading factor. From rap music utilizing far worse language than Imus, to the fashion industry and marketing idiots who try to damage their self esteem by the promotion of airbrushed photoshopped "examples" of how a "real" woman is supposed to look. To the simple things like girls sports don't get equal night time play as most high school boys sports, to the lack of money in educational scholarships where a 4.0 student gets less funding than a 2.5 student who can play basketball...If we want a more "equal" society the first thing we have to check at the door is oversensitivity and this impression that we are frail little creatures who can be hurt and offended so easily. If I were a Rutgers player? I'd challenge Imus to a game of horse, kick his butt all over the court and then? Move on to real issues...

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Cyberseaer said...

F--- Hillary Clinton and her stand on this issue, on videogames, and all the other non issue she believes in that look good for press but do nothing to help this country. Plus the horse she rode in on to New York to carpetbag her way into the Senate.

She is one of the many reasons why the Democrats can't get back into the White House. I say it here today. If she wins the Democratic Primary, or if Obama wins it, the Republicans have won the White House four another four years. It maight be a close race, but the Republicans will win.

The Democrats must learn to stop fighting each other of stupid stuff and get untied like the Republicans and they might have a fighting chance at the White House again someday.

And just to make things a bit cleaer here. I never said that the Repulicans were better at making policy, they are just better organized.