Thursday, April 05, 2007

Forget the passport! Visit Hawaii

It appears one thing that has happened with the passport requirements increased for those who want to travel outside of the US for a vacation has created a better end result for the US economy. People are re-discovering what an exotic vacation spot Hawaii is and are seeking out hawaii vacation packages. I've never been to Hawaii but my father had visited there many times and talked about his favorite location in Hawaii, Diamond Head. Since I have traveled to other locations that now require a passport, I took a few moments to compare some of the prices on some of the hawaii vacation rentals; if you had thought Hawaii was expensive? The rental prices listed were very comparable to other beach vacation spots.

It also makes sense from the concept of supporting the US economy to vacation in Hawaii, dollars spent there stay with in the US. Then not having to hassle with getting a passport is an added plus. If you take a look at pictures like the one below, you'll wonder why you didn't go to Hawaii many times before...

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1 comment:

Iggy said...

I've been thinking and thinking about it and I think this blog may have just talked me into it. I Live in L>A> and often visit the Hawaiian Islands. Like your father, my favorite place there is also Diamond Head. Until now (I think) I have always just searched for deals on Hawaii Hotels, which sometimes can be abundant, other times not. But now I think I am definitely going to look into reserving my own vacation rental in Oahu, maybe even purchase one! We'll see. ALOHA!