Monday, April 16, 2007

Evangelical Christians not happy with Republican Presidential Candidates...

I found this article written in the Washington Times, entitled, Republican '08 options disappoint evangelicals to be an interesting one to read. It points out a key problem many people even those who are not evangelicals are having with some of the presidential candidates, specifically:

"The question is what will be less distasteful to many evangelicals: Mitt Romney's one-wife Mormonism, Rudy Giuliani's marital mayhem or John McCain's recent disdain," he (Marvin Olasky) said.

This could very well have an affect on the Democratic Party if one of the candidates manages to attract some of these republican voters...


Cass said...

I think that sometimes evangelicals forget that Christ cannot run for president, ykwim? And I think they would be shocked if He actually did--it would probably be a much different government than the one they expect.

I submit that one cannot legislate morality, and that the best leader is the one who will treat the government as a business, which it is.

YOu know I am a right winger, and that won't be changing any time soon, but I think it's a wise decision to look at all the candidates, and choose the one who *most closely* aligns with you on the issues you consider most important.

Hooda Thunkit said...

To me, it's wrong to judge a candidate by who they were or used to be.

I find it better to look at the candidate and judge them by who they are now.

More productive too ;-)

Lisa Renee said...

Cass, we need right wingers too, it helps create a balance. I agree with you totally that we should select candidates that meet the majority of the ideals we hold important.

I also agree with you on how different it would be if Jesus were here and what he would say about our current government.