Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Traditions...

Most families have their own Easter traditions, in our house it's a simple process yet one we have done for years. After those who decide to attend Mass come home the hunt for baskets begins. When my children were little, the adults would hide the baskets, then as the older ones grew, they took over hiding baskets. The idea of course is to make it challenging, yet not frustrating.

Then muffins...even though of course they've scarfed down easter candy and colored hard boiled eggs, several different kinds of muffins is another tradition. This year we have cranberry/orange, blueberry and chocolate chip. Some years we have an Easter Dinner but not this year, this year my younger bunch will be having Easter Dinner with their father's family and considering I'm still fighting off this upper respiratory infection? I can't say I'm unhappy about not having to cook a large dinner. So...what are your Easter Traditions if you celebrate Easter?

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Hooda Thunkit said...

Sadly no special Easter traditions here..., any more.

Mine is the generation that abandoned the ethnic traditions of our parents and their parents, and are now scurrying to reclaim them as our own once again.

Next year Easter will be celebrated with the old customs/traditions; Home made coffee cake, foods blessed in Church on Holy Saturday and the Easter baskets for us, until the grandchildren arrive, some year ;-)