Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Russian Artist Victor Lysakov

Immediately when you click on the website of Russian Artist Victor Lysakov you are greeted with some of his work in the flash introduction. His motto which is Images That Demand to Speak to You…In the Language of Modern Expressionism makes an impact. If you first decide to read about Victor, you'll discover many clues into where the creative muse from his particular style of painting comes from. I also found it very interesting that he was for quite some time an engineer. Then of course curiousity will take you to want to see more of his artwork...I spent quite a bit of time at his website, he has galleries set up displaying art for several specific motif's as well as different music to accompany each one. While it would be hard to select a favorite, I particularly liked "Still life of a Pear", in his Viridian Motif collection. There is a story behind each one of Victor Lysakov's paintings, so I recommend visiting the website, reading the story and enjoying the music that he has selected to make a complete experience, perhaps a profound enough one for you create desire for you to own one of his pieces for yourself...

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