Wednesday, March 07, 2007

MP4 movie brochure for small businesses

When I read the press release for this advertising concept, I thought it was a very creative idea, making mp4 movie brochures to be viewed online for small businesses. See examples of movie brochures, to get a really good idea of what they can create for your small business for $490.00. I especially recommend taking a look at the movie brochure they designed for the Golf Course, it was fantastically done. While is in the UK, they also provide services to the United States, where once the mp4 is produced it can easily be promoted and shared thru any of the popular video sharing programs out there right now, and/or placed on a company website. This could also be used as a part of a high tech email advertising campaign. Marketing Small Business even provides details on how a movie brochure can work for your small business as well as a step by step guide. Considering the quality and the great prices, it made me wonder if they do political ads as well. Marketing Small Business offers a free phone consultation where they will go over with you what you are currently doing now in advertising and give you advice on where you can improve or enhance your current advertising plan.

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