Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thank you Spammer! Bellicose bloggers...

Every day I get hit by spammers and most head for older post so one by one I go back into the older posts and halt the comments. Yet, today thanks to one of these asshat spammers I came across a post that I really had a lot of fun here it is - a rerun of...Bellicose Bloggers

Okay I had to laugh, I was reading this piece in the Washington Post about the President's speech last night when I came across this:
Bush's speech aired on all the major broadcast networks, something of a surprise since as of mid-afternoon yesterday, neither NBC nor CBS had plans to cover it. They felt, correctly, that the speech contained nothing new or newsy and that it didn't merit a half-hour or more of prime time. But something changed as the day wore on, and Bush showed up on NBC and CBS as well as on ABC and the various cable news networks that previously had announced they would cover the speech.

In a time when some polls show the popularity of the news media to be even lower than the approval rating for Bush's conduct of the war, the managements of the networks may have feared hostile reaction if they didn't air the speech live. Political conservatives keep up a steady drumbeat of hostility against the media, something the Bush administration does nothing to discourage. Refusing to air the speech probably would have led to unpleasantness -- or at the least given the new subculture of bellicose bloggers another alleged media conspiracy to shriek about.

Tom Shales the Washington Post "Style" Columnist does not like we bloggers? Wait...maybe he does. Bellicose...not a word you hear often so let's be sure and look it up, it means warlike in manner or temperament; pugnacious.

I do like the whole subculture part though....however I don't shriek, well often anyway.

Fear the blog....before we go bellicose......


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