Friday, February 23, 2007

The first to enter is the first to drop out...Vilsack

In what is sure to come as a continuing process as candidates discover they for whatever reason can not seem to muster the money or the "star studded" suppor that some have, it was announced in the Washington Post that Tom Vilsack was pulling out of the 2008 Presidential run. For him it was the money:

"So it is money and only money that is the reason that we are leaving today."

It's hard to not feel as if this is the problem with our current election system, that it's not about who has the best ideas or who would be the better President, so much if it boils down to who has the most money and like it or not, that means that it is those who donate the largest sums of money that control this process.

I can't say that I was a huge supporter of Vilsack, but I hate to see money be the reason a candidate lessens our choice.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Yup it's now officially a BIG money game with this election expected to top 2 BBBBBBBillion dollars.

It's beginning to get ridiculously expensive. . .

Head Spinner Scott said...

$2 billion dollars? How many houses in New Orleans would that rebuild, schools would it improve, or people would that insure? I say we go back to telegraphs for all our political news and advertising.

Of course, Vilsack shouldn't have gotten in anyway. If he is going to make it on a national ticket, it will be as VP. People still remember the last president from Iowa, Herbert Hoover. Although Reagan lived there for a while. That is not much better, in my opinion, but people like him